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Elliott Brown agency has been established since the early 80's, providing children for photographic stills, videos, promotional events, TV and film work. We have an excellent reputation in the business and take great pride in being able to provide some great models to our clients. We are of course only as good as the models on our books, therefore we require the highest level of commitment from our models. We expect total dedication, reliability and flexibility from models and parents who undertake bookings on behalf of their children. For child modelling it is also most important that your child or children enjoy the experience and want to do modelling for the right reasons.

Adult model applications, 18 and over. (For Elliott Brown Agency's Terms of Registration for Adults please click here)

Elliott Brown are always on the look out for new models and talent. We have added a few new sections to our website this year and moving into 2011 are recruiting models of all ages for all our departments across the board . We have recently added charecters models, voice over artists, extras, actors, dancers, pregnant models and plus size models to our site and have expanded on the commercial models we have recruited to date . In addition, we are looking to recruit new models for our fashion clients but this will be a specialist market only and are looking for very tall girls and guys over 5'9 for the girls and 6'2 for the guys to join us.

Please apply in the first instance to and include your cv, images and showreels. If you are new to the business, please submit two images at least with a couple of head and shoulders shots facing the camera, smiling showing your teeth and something full length. It is important that we know your measurements and where you are based . For actors, voice over artists, dancers etc it is important to attach your showreel with your application. The more information together with your best images the more likely we are going to offer you an interview .

Our work comes in everyday between Monday and Friday, often between the hours of 9 am and 6pm and you need to be free during that period to work, should we offer you a place with the agency . We do occasionally secure weekend and evening work, but this is rare as our clients, advertising agencies, retailers, photographer etc, tend not to work at the weekends.

If you do not have computer access you can apply to us in writing and include photographs, CV and showreels if applicable. If you require the return of images, please include a SAE for the safe return.

Elliott Brown received thousands of applications a year and unfortunately, we are only able to reply to those we consider to be suitable for our clients. If you have not received a reply after 2 months, it will mean that your application at that time has not been successful. Please remember this is only our decision based on our client base and there may be other agents that are able to offer you a place .

If you require any further information, before you make an application we can be contacted on 01865 451154.

Child Applications

If you do not want your child to miss any school or your child's school is not in support of your child modelling , please do not apply. WE CAN ONLY CONSIDER CHILDREN THAT CAN WORK IN SCHOOL TIME AND AT SHORT NOTICE; schools must be aware that your child is doing modelling.

We receive over 200 hundred applications a week and only a small selection of those looking to join us are offered an interview. Due to time restraints, we will only contact you if we think your child is suitable for the work we secure from our clients.

We will not contact you if we do not feel we can get work for your child/children. Please remember this is our decision only and there may be other reputable agencies able to offer your child place on their books.

Our work comes in Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9am and 6pm, with occasional weekend work. We cannot take on children that are only free in school holidays or weekend as this is often when our clients are on holiday and therefore the work would be limited. If you are concerned about your children missing school, then child modelling is not for you. Child modelling is often hard work for parents constantly taking children to castings and bookings. If you are working and unable to take time out to take your child/children to castings or bookings, please do not apply.

Licenses for Children

If your child is under 16 and chosen for a booking, a license will be required for them to work.

No license is required for castings or auditions as there is usually no payment involved.

Licence applications can take up to 21 days, however, some councils can turn them around within 7 days and some even quicker. When a licence is required for your child you will need to get all the documentation to the council as quickly as possible.

We can give you the contact details for your council if they are not already known to you. We are happy to help with the process when applying for the license. It is necessary to organise the paper work immediately you know your child is required for a booking. The completed part 2 of the licence form, 2 passport photos, a letter from you to say your child is healthy, and a school letter if your child is of school age has to be put in place and taken to the education department of your county council. A medical certificate is needed for TV and film work and this is valid for 6 months. Unfortunately, some doctors may charge for this form.

Once granted, the council will send you and our client a copy of the license which you will need to take to the booking. We keep all this documentation in the office when you join the agency and in some cases will apply to the council on your behalf, so long as the form is signed and completed by you.

The Interview

Once we have received your application, we will be in contact with you if we would like to meet you and your child. Please make sure you bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate, a letter to say your child is healthy from you and 2 passport style photos and any photographs and show reels that reflect you child's or children's current look and work.

The interview is an informal meeting for you to meet us and visa versa. We will go over all the details written here with you again and explain in more detail how we work as an agency.

Elliott Brown do not charge for your child's/children's interview

Please, please do not apply if you are unable to commit to the time during the week to take your child to castings and bookings.


We have enquiries and bookings coming into the agency on a daily basis, some clients want to see models before they book them and others will book them direct from the agency web site.

When a booking enquiry comes into the agency, we send over a selection of models on a shortlist from the web site. At this stage we send all the children we feel are right for the booking based on the clients brief. Clients will then choose the selected children at a casting or book direct from the web site. Due to time restraints we will put you child/children forward if suitable for all enquires. It is therefore important that you inform us when your child is not available e.g., exams, other bookings, medical reasons, holidays etc. It is embarrassing for us to suggest a child only to find that they are not available to cast or for the booking.

If a client chooses to meet a few children, they will sometimes pay a casting fee. However, this will be a token amount which often does not cover travel expenses in full. Most of the castings we do are either in Oxford or London, so we tend to recruit children mainly in these areas. Alternatively, a client will book a model from the website. It is critical for direct bookings without a casting, that the photographs on the site are recent and how your child looks now. Please make sure once you join Elliott Brown, any changes to your child will be registered with the agency and new photographs supplied.


Joining Elliott Brown does not guarantee that your child will work. However, we only take on children we feel are right for the work we secure from our clients. Once your child is on the web site they will be put up for all bookings where their ‘look’ meets the criteria of the brief. Ultimately, it is the client who chooses the model and not the agency. Some models work more than others, but this can vary from you to year, depending on age, look etc.

Contact for Bookings

Please note that we usually text or call parents mobiles for castings and bookings. If you do not have a mobile or are in an area where they do not work, please inform the agency at your interview. Clients often call one day for bookings the following day, so we must be able to get hold of you easily and quickly.

All bookings are confirmed by email. Please make sure we have the correct email address for you.


Elliott Brown's website is the main vehicle to secure work for your child/children and it is updated on a regular basis. The current change for your child to appear on the site is £30 + VAT per year for babies up to 12 months and £60+ VAT per year for children 12 months and over. These fees are taken from your child's first 2 bookings or the first booking if the job is worth £500 and over. These fees are only taken if you child is selected for paid work. No fee will be taken or charged if your child does not get paid work via Elliott Brown.

All images on the site need to be professional, these can be provided by you and please do check with us first before paying out a lot of money. We have heard some real horror stories where mums and dads have spent hundreds of pounds without any hope of work.

The agency organises photographic sessions twice yearly at reduced costs. The details are sent out to all the agency models to enable new and updated photographs to be taken.

Clothes for Bookings

Please take a good range of clothes to all bookings unless a client has said the clothes are provided. As a minimum take 5 different matching outfits.

Clothes should be fairly plain, without logos, in a variety of colours. Shoes should be clean and polished and trainers will need to be in new condition. Girls must always take hair accessories to bookings. No makeup, nail varnish or jewellery to be worn, unless requested by the client. All clothes must be clean and in a new condition. .

Please take food and drink on all bookings as clients do not always provide refreshments. Make sure you take toys, books etc to keep your child occupied in between products shots or should a product be delayed and you are held up in the studio.

All wardrobe details will be confirmed in writing on your booking confirmation once it has been confirmed verbally. This will be sent to you by email before the booking.

All booking confirmations are emailed before the booking. Please always let us know that you have received the confirmation.

NB Only one parent will be permitted at the studio. Therefore you must have someone with whom you can leave any other children you have. All children under the age of 16 have to be accompanied by one of their parents.

Drama, Theatre and CVs

Please give us a list of interests and any acting experience your child has. School plays, tv work and theatre work can be added to your child's details on the web site. It is good to get as much information about your child from the initial application.

Money, Payments and Commission

Whilst money can and is earned by children through modelling work, it should not be your main reason for your child to do it. Your main interest should be for your child to enjoy being a model and performing in front of the camera or on stage. Travelling, meeting other models and clients, getting to know the industry and the work involved, will give your child an insight into the working world and the added benefit of social communication.

Please do not apply for your child to become a model, if it is purely for financial reward

The agency charges a commission which is taken from every booking your child completes. Our commission varies from 20% to 33% and is set according to the booking fee. We do not add agency fees or surcharges on top the model rate. What you see on your booking confirmation is exactly what we charge the client for your child and children.

After your child has finished a booking, we then invoice the client. This is a long process and we are often the last in a chain of suppliers. We usually wait around 3 months for the money. Any money that is received and cleared through our bank account by the 23rd of any month is paid to you in the same month. Money received on and after the 24th of any month is paid out, the following month. We make payments to your child by Bacs and this will appear in their bank account on the last day of the month. We will only pay by cheque if you do not have a bank account, details as above and any cheques due are sent out on the last day of the month, second class.

How to Apply

Send in a few recent photographs of your child.  Include a close up head and shoulders shots of your child,  smiling showing their teeth, as well as some full length images.    The images do not need to be professional at this stage but if we are unable to see them or they are not clear,  your application will not be considered .   If you do not get a response from us within 1 month, you application has not been successful. 

If you do not have access to the internet  apply in writing to the address below, and include a SAE if you would like the photographs returned.   Include your telephone number with your application, as we will make contact by telephone if we are interested in meeting you and your child

Our telephone number is 01865 451154, please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information. Opening hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm.

Address : Elliott Brown Agency, 29 Chestnut Road, Botley, Oxford OX2 9EA